Dear Loving Owner!


I estabished and disseminate my private dog training center and pension - named by my own dog – to facilitate and help dog owners living a happier and fully life with their pet.


If your dog nervous in several situations, agressive with people or other dogs, diffident or stressed? Or maybe obsessed by some objects or kinks? Perhaps your dog is perfect, but you'd like to make your relationship more harmonic?


If the answer for any questions is yes, we offer you kindly to solve any of your problems to live everydays happier with your pet.


Toward your common harmonic life you as an owner can do a lot by getting acquainted with our dog's behaviour's and marking's background. I believe that undesirable behaviour can be ended by very simply tools. It can make our relationship with dogs closer and more balanced, that's how we can help owners.


Since every dog is an individuality, they react to variant situations differently. That's why personal meeting is the first step, where I can map the reasons of the dog's behaviour, how sensitive is your pet, which result could be the most effective.


During the training I use positive confirmation such as clicker or snack. I did not even think how capital, but a lot of people ask, to mention that I am not using phisical punisment at all.


My principle is: The effective communication between a dog and a human is the way how dogs communicate in a dog flock. In the course of the work I use tools alike this situation.



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