Dog Pension

Hotel for small dogs


The pension welcome primarily small breed puppies with plenty of dog toys and comfortable dog beds!

The dogs do not have a minute alone, they are under constant, 24 hrs surveillance.

The dogs are not blocked individually, so they can happily play with each other, or just sleep in their the place, just as they like.

During safekeeping is optional to choose by the owner to train the dog (behaviour therapy, dog training) or "only" keep in safe.

In our pension the dogs are able to enjoy the habitual circumstances, at all points we consider and harmonize the evolved habits, needs.

Separate pet-berth and qualitative pet food are assured, but bringing personal food and snug are allowed.

Separate pet-berth is assured, but bringing personal snug as well as favorite balls and toys are allowed.

If you are not able to manage transportation, we can gladly go for the dog and carry back to home at the agreed time as well.

Free round-trip transportation!

In case of at least 4 days stay in our pension, we will take over the transportation of your dog to the pension and back home from all districts of Budapest.

It's mandatory to bring:

   -   the vaccination records of the dog

   -   the usual daily food portion of the dog

   -   leash, collar.

Our aim is the dog enjoy the time at our place, come back with pleasure in any time, and owner know in safe his/her pet.

Pocak and I are looking forward to welcome you in our Pension!


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