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-  Behaviour Therapy - Training at Home

I suggest this way of training to dogs with behaviour disorder. I visit the dog's home place, sum up the possible reasons of the disorder, and discuss the solving opportunities with the owner. Since in many cases the resoult is in the owner's hand, I facilitate to train the dog along with the owner between the dog's habitual environment.


-  Dog Training- Training at Home

Orienting to the owner's demand along this training mode – considering individual capabilities – the tone is on the dog's creativity, motivation. During this occupations everyday correct behaviour, nice tricks (potting, grounding, staying, leg-following, rolling, handgiving, etc.) are tought. During the training clicker and price snack are used, and can be limited only by patience and insistence.


-  Dog Training- Without owner

Same like previous, if the owner doesn't like or not able to participate on the occupations, than the dog training is kept at a neutral place, not at home.


-  Dog Pension –with or without training

During safekeeping is optional to choose by the owner to train the dog on some of the previous ways, or "only" keep in safe. On demand we can go for the dog and carry back to home at the agreed moment as well. In our pension the dogs are able to enjoy the habitual circumstances, at all points we consider and harmonize the evolved habits, needs.



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